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English Language Summer/Holiday Courses

English Language Summer/Holiday Courses

A summer or holiday course learning English in the UK is a great opportunity for your child to improve language skills, make new friends from across the world and enjoy British sightseeing.

The programmes are designed to be rich and rewarding, as well as great fun! English lessons are active, professional and focused, but a packed cultural programme ensures your child will also have an amazing experience discovering all aspects of Britain. From world-famous historical landmarks to the vibrant entertainments on offer in a modern, 国际化的国家, children have the time of their lives discovering both the language and the nation.

There is a huge choice of programmes and we will ensure you find the perfect one for your child. You can choose courses based on:

  • Geographical preference
  • Level of English tuition
  • Type of accommodation (in study residences or with local British families)
  • Types of entertainment and excursions
  • 专业(e.g. courses which feature sporting activities)

Your child will be carefully supervised at all times by fully vetted professional tutors and activity managers. Their needs are fully catered for, so all you have to worry about is how disappointed they will be when the course comes to an end! UK English language study courses are available during the winter, Easter and summer holidays. Book early for the summer courses since these are incredibly popular!

If you would like to discover which courses would give your child an experience which will stay with them for a lifetime, as well as improve their prospects in life, 请立即与我们联系 UK English language holiday course 专家.



Kent, Cambridge, 牛津大学shire, Berkshire, West Sussex


London, Brighton, 牛津大学, Cambridge
伯恩茅斯 Business School International


British Study Centres Brighton London, 牛津大学, 伯恩茅斯, Brighton
Cambridge Education Group London, Cambridge, Canterbury, Coventry, Sunderland, Preston
大使馆CES London, Brighton, Cambridge, 牛津大学, Hastings
伊斯特本 School of English 伊斯特本
EF International Language School London, Bath, 伯恩茅斯, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, 牛津大学, Manchester
The English Language Centre 布赖顿市和霍伍市


Kaplan International Colleges London, Edinburgh, 伯恩茅斯, Bath, Cambridge, Manchester,

牛津大学, Salisbury, Torquay


Kings School of English 伦敦,伯恩茅斯,
选择英语 伦敦,剑桥
Shane Global Language Centres 伦敦,黑斯廷斯
Skola London, Exeter, Suffolk

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